New Webhost

webtrees-screenshotSo, I’ve finally moved over to a new webhost. I had been using WebIntellects for over a decade, but their infrastructure is outdated (read: slow), and their prices are a bit on the high side these days, even paying for the whole year in advance. I’m now using DigitalOcean. It’s all built on SSD (Solid State Drive) technology, and it’s super-duper fast. I got everything migrated, including the genealogy portion of the website. The only thing I lost in the move was the database of users from the Webtrees side. So, anyone who had an account on Webtrees will need to sign up again.

I fixed the pictures on Webtrees too! For those who have visited in the past, or those who are visiting now, you’ll actually get to see all the pictures. Yay!