Author: Mike York Reading, PA

A father, husband, and son researching his family tree around the globe, from the comfort of his home in Reading, Berks, Pennsylvania, United States.

New Webhost

So, I’ve finally moved over to a new webhost. I had been using WebIntellects for over a decade, but their infrastructure is outdated (read: slow), and their prices are a bit on the high side these days, even paying for the whole year in advance. I’m now using DigitalOcean. It’s all built on SSD (Solid State Drive) technology, and it’s… Read more →

He’s left stains on our carpets, and our hearts.

dsc_2542Words cannot express how sad and tired we are after the last couple of months. We noticed something was wrong with Peanut on May 24th, when went to Lake Tuscarora. We bought the boys a hamburger and fries to split. We don’t often deviate from their usual diet, but on special occasions, like their birthdays, or days out like that, we’ll do something special for them. Read more