Graveyard Hunting

This is the headstone of my Mom’s Mom’s Mom’s parents, Luke Crosby and Sarah Crosby Moore (nee Rolin). We found this in St. Michael’s Cemetery in Chester, PA.

Sometimes you have to actually leave a computer to find those long lost relatives. Today, Fred (from work) and I took a trip to Chester, Delaware County, PA and searched for some of my mom’s family. Fred’s keen eyes managed to find my great great grandparents for whom I’d been searching for quite some time.

More photos after the click: 

This is the tombstone of my 1st cousin 3 times removed, Arthur Donald Welsh. His son Jimmy and my mom were very close when they were younger. This one was in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Cemetery in Linwood, Delaware County, PA.
This is my Great Grandmother’s younger sister Mildred C. Jones (nee Crosby). My mom knew her well, growing up, as Aunt Mid. Her stone is right in front of Luke & Sarah’s in St. Michael’s.
Fred and I made one last swing back to Immaculate Heart Cemetery and stumbled across this headstone for Aunt Mary Shaw (nee Welsh), her husband Robert (Bob) Shaw, Uncle Jimmy Welsh (actually my Grandfather’s uncle), and Aunt Betty (Elizabeth Welsh). Bob died fairly early, and the three siblings lived together in Woodlyn, PA for a long time. By my mom’s recollection, they helped raise Uncle Jimmy’s grandson Cousin Jimmy.

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