Ancestry DNA Results are IN!

In the middle of August Ancestry was running a special of $79 for their DNA service. So I bit and bought one. I spit in a tube, and sent it in, and have finally gotten my results back.

Ancestry is now doing a combined Y and Mitochondrial DNA test, so no more having to do multiple tests to get your ethnic background and paternal lineage, respectively. Here are my ethnicity results:

  • Europe – 98%
    • Great Britain – 58%
    • Europe West – 21%
    • Ireland – 10%
    • Italy/Greece – 5%
    • Iberian Peninsula – 1%
    • Finland/Northwest Russia – 1%
    • Europe East – <1%
    • European Jewish – <1%
  • West Asia – 2%
    • Caucasus – 2%

Beyond that, you can link your Ancestry Family Tree results to these test, and it will begin spitting out Cousin results at you. I’m amazed at how many people are doing research on my familial lines; For a small starting population in Northern Maine, the family has branched out far and wide.

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